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Our Mission

Your style and gear can change the trajectory of your day.

We make innovative California-inspired product designed specifically to enhance your social experience.

We believe life is better lived with your phone in your pocket.

Our mission is to share our analog-social secret weapons, and bring a smile to your face while we’re at it.

Our Story

Come Together
The pioneering, rebellious, and free-thinking “Cowboy” culture of California inspires our lives, our sense of humor, and our product. Our goal is to spark conversation and bring people together.

California Cowboy’s product design is driven by our celebration of the outdoors and social experience: getting out of the water after a surf, hitting happy hour, or heading from the slopes to “Après Ski.”

We’re social, active, and optimistic. Break the ice, and mix it into cocktails.

The High Water

Softer than a baby llama listening to Hall and Oates

We created The High Water after searching for a modern version of the vintage terry-cloth-lined “Cabana Suit.” These Rare specimens lived in old Bond movies, vintage pool parties, and retro beach wear ads.

We couldn’t find a terry cloth that met our standards for water absorbency, softness or breathability. So we custom developed our own cotton-modal blend, knit right here in California. No one else has it.

The End Result: A plush, lightweight terry cloth that’s about 25% more breathable and water absorbent than standard cotton.

La Sirena

Your song is as enchanting as you are dangerous.

Crafted with passion, La Sirena Kimono will make you muse to many.

This 1970’s Vogue-cover-inspired gem features a champagne pocket, a dry pocket for tech, and is lined with our proprietary super soft cotton modal terry cloth.

Just cause you rock doesn’t mean you’re made of stone.

The High Sierra

Après Ski Has Reached its Zenith.

As life-long skiers & riders, it tore our tickets that no one designed product for the world renowned slope-side social known as “Après.”

Inspired by the pioneering alpine daredevils who pack the slopes, the Made-in-the-USA High Sierra is loaded with hidden features.

We created this shirt for the Cowboys who know how to hold a conversation – and a beer – after a day on the slopes.

Dexter Rutecki would be proud.

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