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Hunter S. Thompson

The idea for the High Water shirt was conceived after searching for a modern version of the vintage poolside styles from the past – we saw these rare, spectacular specimens in old Bond movies, vintage film from pool parties, and ads for beach wear. For lack of a better term we’ll call it the Men’s Cabana Suit. A swim cover up of sorts, this style was popular in the 1950’s through 1970’s but sadly went the way of the Dodo. We found that a few like-minded enthusiasts had pockmarked the internet with their interpretations but they were very literal and lacked the thoughtfulness and design inspiration required to really tweak our knobs. We jumped on the chance to create THE Bond-Dean mashup with Hunter S. Thompson sprinkled all over it: perfect fit, custom fabrics, killer function, head-turning style, custom developed prints in vintage California colors.

We’re committed to bringing you the most inspired and finely executed product we can possibly deliver. To ensure quality construction and strong partnerships with local business, we chose to manufacture the High Water in our home, where our heart is: California, USA. Many of us have trained and worked at this for 15+ years at some of the best in the business: Levi’s, Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Trumaker. We’ve learned from years in the apparel industry that all elements must be carefully considered and come together seamlessly when designing apparel product. This is especially true when you’re considering a No-Chella Pool party as an end use and Hunter Thompson as a muse. These parameters leave little room for anything but design that is armed to the teeth.

We’ll tickle your cochlea with more specifics in the coming weeks. Coming soon to a website near you: The High Water Shirt.

Artist Spotlight: Illustrator Melissa Garden

I had a really beautiful home studio that had a sun porch but I was working from home and so there were days when I didn’t put pants on and that wasn’t helpful (laughs). I got this space so that I had to get up and go somewhere every day.

California Cowboy’s Highly-Personal-&-Incredibly-Biased Guide To Pigging Out On Chestnut St.

Some of this information was only wrested out of certain recalcitrant individuals (you know who you are) after they were threatened with being locked in the storeroom toilet till they divulged where they got their breakfast burrito from.

The Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, LA, is going down this Sunday (9/24). Here’s how to make the most of it.

Here are some California Cowboy-worthy tips to help you get the most out of your Abbot Kinney Festival experience: 1. Have A Plan With over 300 stalls selling everything from tattoo lubricant to a Cointreau Crème Brûlée donut, you’ll want to have a strategy in place...

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