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Needless to say, #Foodporn gets hardcore here in Fog City.

It hasn’t taken long since moving to 2220 Chestnut St. for the Cowboys to find their own sweet-spots on the street. And since anything food-and-drink-related is based entirely on the taste buds of individuals with no foodie credentials whatsoever, we can’t promise you a gold-starred guide of what, or where, to eat and drink on Chestnut. Instead, here are the team’s favorite* places to indulge in a little prandial vice.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that a plate of good Spaghetti is true happiness.


Donahue’s Marina Lounge. A classic SF dive bar with great bartenders and always full of locals. Also, actual arcade machines so you can finally revisit those Pac-Man pangs. Cash only. Chris, our Head of Inventory Management and Data Analytics at California Cowboy, was the first to respond with his pick. Good man. Though we have a sneaking suspicion that the reason Chris answered so fast was that he was at Donahue’s defending his High Score title.


This is the kind of caffeine we just want to adopt on the spot and bring home. Photograph by Karolina Grabowska.


Le Marais Bakery. According to Christine, our super-friendly Sales Associate at the Chestnut St store, “It fuels my mornings.  Coffee and pastry at hand, there’s not much that can stop me except maybe a Nor Cal Burrito from Bonita”.  We are intrigued if Christine could actually be stopped by said burrito, and have secretly planted one in the staircase to the stockroom. Stay tuned.


A local watering hole, the costume parties at Campus are nonetheless pretty epic. Photograph by Campus.


Campus. With a vibe to rival an endless Sunday afternoon and great cocktails, including the Kentucky Cowgirl (rye, strawberries, sage, and agave) which sounds like a match made in booze-bae heaven for us. (We’re also in love the bartender at Campus. She is badass).

P.S. Hayden Taylor, our equally badass Retail and Events Manager, would like to add that “Smitten’s brown sugar and cinnamon shortbread topped with their spicy Carmel is PERFECTION.” As she divulged this, her eyes widened and her pupils dilated thus proving, beyond a doubt, that what she says is true.


Oh, the gumbo! the Gumbo! The Gumbo! (We haven’t tried it yet but that won’t stop us singing about it). Photograph by Tipsy Pig.


Tipsy Pig. The place on Chestnut St. to grab a table with friends for drinks and food. Dick Lowry, our Head of Business Development and Ops, who grudgingly gave us this tip (and then only under duress), mentioned that the outdoor back patio is a nice touch and that the grub itself is Damn. Freakin’. Tasty. Dick is currently tucking into his second plate of pulled pork hash on the patio and is unavailable for further comment.

Monaghan’s. Around since 1898, they’ve seen it all at this low-key bar in the Marina district. The kind of bar that you’d expect to see an aloha-shirted Hunter S. Thompson ensconced in a dim corner, downing a couple of tequila shots before breakfast. In other words, a space worthy of inspiring a masterpiece (or spirited hallucinations). California Cowboy’s Founder, Drew Clark, calls Monaghan’s his B-Avatar.


Sink into the chill zone with The Dorian’s brilliant cocktails. Photograph by The Dorian.


The Dorian. A fancy bar at the tail-end of Chestnut’s main shopping street. We went in for the $5 truffle fries and stayed for the delicious drinks. Hint: Try their All-day Frosé. Touted as ‘leisure in a glass’ and more effective at helping you unwind than an hour of power yoga (our words, not theirs). Also, extremely delicious. Hic.

And finally, the breakfast burrito at Los Hermanos is top notch and is a steal at $8 for a huuuge roll of lip-smacking, sloppy, savory goodness*.


Swing by our store to say hello!

We moved in a week ago so this list is tiny and there are plenty more places we have yet to check out. If you’re a local in the ‘hood and shaking your head in horror at our choices (because you know better, duh) then feel free to school us in the comments section. Or swing by to our new digs at 2220 Chestnut St. We’re always open to learning from the pros. Remember, sharing is caring—and sharing a breakfast burrito from Los Hermanos is really caring.


Janie Cai aka Content and Marketing Cowboy


*Some of this information was only wrested out of certain recalcitrant individuals (you know who you are) after they were threatened with being locked in the storeroom toilet till they divulged where they got their breakfast burrito from.


California Cowboy is now open at 2220 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123.


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