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About the Company

California Cowboy is a new apparel brand. We have innovated the Aloha shirt. We have also designed the first-ever Apres Ski Shirt. Everything we do is aimed at starting conversations, and all our gear gives you ammo to do so.

We design our style around your social experience and give you a few secret weapons to help you make connections. We live in a digital world, but if you’re like us, you know life happens in analog.

Our product is Made in California, for all the Cowboys past and present that give our state it’s Golden namesake. From pioneering surfers and skiers to musicians, filmmakers, and tech entrepreneurs, we’re a state of nonconformists and innovators and think outside the box. And who knows how to enjoy a beer after enjoying the outdoors.

California Cowboy is perfect for Apres Ski, Apres surf, music festivals, pool party days and beach night bonfires. We’re a pledge 1% company.

Current Job Openings

Sales Associate - Full-Time and Part-Time

Primary Responsibilities

As a Sales Associate, you will be the human connection to our customers and will be responsible for engaging with customers when they come into our shop, AKA the Design Saloon. Our store a workshop model shares space with the HQ team. You will have high visibility in a new retail concept in this growth opportunity role.

You will also get the opportunity to work Pop Ups around the Bay Area and potentially beyond. You will be responsible for delivering success wherever we show up physically. California Cowboy has developed a new store concept and incredibly innovative product. You will play a huge role in building a brand new company. You will not only work directly with the HQ team on the vision for the store but also on how we show up and where.

This is a great role for someone looking to get in early at a new company and grow with us. We prefer some retail experience, but it’s not 100% necessary. You should be a leader and capable of working independently.

The Sales Associate will be accountable for…

  • Engaging with customers in a friendly and helpful manner
  • Driving in-store sales
  • Executing in-Store Events and parties…of which we will have many!
  • Visual Merchandising and Styling
  • Clienteling
  • Customer Service and interaction
  • Collecting product feedback
  • Store operations maximizing productivity.
  • Evolving our sales strategy
  • Community outreach
  • Customer experience
  • You will likely be involved in store build-out and design evolution.
  • You will be the face and voice of California Cowboy!

Key Qualifications

  • Must have a fun, upbeat, and outgoing personality and love talking to people
  • A sense of humor is also a must
  • Ridiculous attention to detail
  • 13 years of retail or sales experience preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results
  • Established time management skills
  • Strong planning and prioritization skills
  • Strong communication skills


  • College Degree preferred
  • Ability to maneuver around the sales floor and carry boxes up and down stairs
  • Travel to pop up shops
  • Weekends are the biggest days in store, ability to work weekends is required

Compensation and Benefits

  • Negotiable based on strong background experience
  • A performance-based increase is very much on the table
  • All employees receive a specified amount of free merchandise at the start and annually based on position and tenure
  • Employee Discount on all merchandise


  • We have parttime and fulltime positions available 3 days/week minimum
  • Weekends are our biggest days in store, Saturday is required, likely Sunday as well
  • Full-time position: 2+ additional days TBD Monday Friday
  • Additional shifts as needed for pop-ups and events

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